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Are you a Canadian employer that is finding it difficult to find the right employees from within Canada? If the answer is yes, it may be time to consider the foreign worker.


At Brazolot Migration Group {B.M.G} we are working with a wide range of skilled and low-skilled individuals that are seeking to make the move to Canada. We are committed to supporting our clients in securing employment as well as assisting Canadian employers in finding the right candidates to fill their available positions.


B.M.G. has successfully assisted many companies across the country with the hiring of foreign workers and would be happy to assist you with your recruitment needs. Many Canadian employers have been extremely satisfied with the benefits and results of hiring a foreign worker and using the service provided by the Relocation Department at B.M.G.


The Relocation Team at B.M.G. is well versed in working with Canadian employers at each step of hiring a foreign worker and are up to date on Service Canada's Labour Market Opinion requirements. Should you wish to pursue the hiring of a B.M.G. client after completing your selection criteria, a member of the Relocation Team will be available to assist you through the process and in the early stages of the foreign worker's employment.


If you have identified a foreign worker who is not a B.M.G. client and would like assistance with hiring the worker, the Relocation Team can provide you with information on the services offered to employers.
E-mail for further information.


B.M.G. is also working with a number of individuals and families that have obtained permanent resident status in Canada and who are now seeking an employment opportunity to begin their new life.


Individuals who have obtained permanent resident status and therefore do not require a work permit are highlighted in blue under each occupation category.


To start searching for your next employee, select one of the occupation categories below.

Our database of clients is regularly being updated to include new migrants and potential migrants, so check back regularly to view the available resumes.


There is no obligation to hire our clients or use the services offered by B.M.G.


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